Practical Guide to Filming in France during the Olympic Games

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5 rules to follow

If you’re like the Olympic flame and need to travel to several French towns for your shoot in France between May and September, it’s essential to follow these 5 rules:  


1. Hire a versatile audiovisual production company: Opt for a company that can mobilise film crews in every region of France. This will guarantee complete coverage of your needs, wherever you are.  


2. Consult the itinerary of the Olympic flame: Make sure you plan your filming around the route of the Olympic flame. Between 8 May and 26 July 2024, some cities may be inaccessible or have traffic restrictions.  


3. Avoid Paris during July and August: To make it easier for you to get around and avoid traffic jams, we recommend that you do not plan to shoot in Paris during the summer months. Traffic is notoriously difficult during this period.  

4. Have alternatives in case of unforeseen circumstances: Even with meticulous planning, unforeseen circumstances can arise during a shoot. Make sure you have contingency plans in place, such as alternative locations or replacement crews in case of unavailability.  


5. Check local events and public holidays: Find out about local events and public holidays in the areas where you plan to shoot. Certain events may cause disruption to the filming schedule. 

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