Systematic 4K

At Yanaspot, we customize our gear to meet the needs of our clients. The 4K resolution allows for a higher image definition, as it represents four times the High Definition (HD).

But when it comes to broadcasting, how does it work?
All web content player platforms include the option to stream and watch in 4K. However, the quality of your internet connection will determine the video format you can watch. Sometimes, your network may not support the required bandwidth for streaming a video in 4K or HD, resulting in a reduction in the video content quality. Additionally, while most players adapt the viewing quality, some broadcasters may prefer a native HD solution to ensure compatibility with the majority of viewers.

What conclusions can we draw from this?
Shooting in 4K is useful, but broadcasting in 4K is less common. Shooting in 4K allows content creators to utilize the 4K format to have more flexibility during the editing process, allowing them to crop the image as desired. It enables easier variation of frame composition, making the production more dynamic.

At Yanaspot, we consistently shoot in 4K and provide our clients with the raw footage in this resolution to offer them these editing possibilities.