When should you use an FPV drone ?

Using an FPV drone allows a total immersion in the environment we want to film.

Unlike a “stabilised” drone, which uses a radio control system with a feedback screen, the FPV drone is flown in immersion, which means, with a mask or goggles that retransmit the drone’s vision live.

Many different models have been designed. From small to large, they can carry a mini camera, an action camera, a video box or even a cinema camera costing several thousand euros. They can fly at speeds approaching 300km/h for the fastest.

Whether it’s in a small space, a workshop, a company or a room, the FPV drone lets you film anywhere. When filming outdoors, you can contemplate fabulous landscapes at high speed, flying close to the ground for a more dynamic result. When it comes to sports, you can follow a racing car, a motorbike, a boat etc. all within the bounds of safety, of course. For this purpose, we recommend a cinewhoop, a small, handy and stable drone.